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Wake Up With Derek Holland Doing Impressions On Live TV In The Middle Of A World Series Game

I love Derek Holland. Unreal funny guy and was a god damn bulldog on the mound for the Rangers in that 2011 World Series run. Not only did he go 8 and 1/3 with 2 hits, 7 Ks, 2 walks, and 0 runs in a Game 4 win, he hopped on the mic in Game 5 from the dugout and started doing impressions during a World Series game. That's a ballsy move my friend. I imagine the dugout is pretty tense and on edge in a tied up series in October. Now imagine you look over and the guy with the nickname "Dutch Oven" is pretending to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. Doing Harry Caray jokes by request too. Just a guy who loves having fun and farting under blankets.