First Trailer For The Mandalorian Season 2 Is Here!

Holy shit, what a surprise drop on this Tuesday morning!

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The first season of 'The Mandalorian' was the biggest pop culture moment of 2019, and far exceeded all expectations I had for the Star Wars show. It might be, outside of 'The Empire Strikes Back', my favorite Star Wars content. It is gritty, raw, weird, engaging, and an absolute fucking blast. It's everything Star Wars needs to be!

This season is only going to get even crazier, and the trailer confirms that.

First off, look at the poster!

We saw some Bantha's (looking as puppety as ever), awesome X-Wing footage in the clouds, Baby Yoda being his usual hilarious self, Gamorrean MMA fighting (the pig guys), and much more. I'll let Robbie Fox do a full breakdown later, but good lord, what a first trailer to fire me up.

With characters like Ahsoka…

…Boba Fett, and more, joining the show… I just don't even have words.

Get here quick, October 30th!