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Steve Cohen Is The King Of New York


Oh the first week of the NFL season just ended and both local teams walked away with L's. Donnnnnnnnnnnn't caaaaaaaaaaaare. Once Steve Cohen signed on the dotted line of his agreement to buy the Mets with what I imagine was platinum ink, nothing else mattered. Yankees and Mets fans have been arguing about who the King of New York is for roughly a year with their two combatants being baseball player that seldom actually plays baseball and another baseball player batting .222. Well Steven Cohen is the King of New York until someone can buy the crown off his $13 billion head.

Speaking of buying, if you want those shirts, you better get them ASAP because these gems got C&D'd in less than 24 hours.

RIP In Peace :(

Also speaking of buying, I went full Boomer this morning.

Fawwwww fiddy for a few pieces of paper with information I can read for free online? That will probably be the second-to-last batch of newspapers I buy, with the last being after Uncle Stevie's first World Series championship.

I don't know what else to say about a man we've been talking about him ever since Tiki Barber broke the wonderful story last year. So I'll just leave you with some of the incredible music videos and memes that Kyle has made for the We Gotta Believe Twitter and Instagram pages which are my favorite part of this Uncle Stevie news outside of being able to root for a baseball franchise that isn't being run by a bunch of donkeys.

And of course my favorite video. Not my favorite of these videos but my favorite video of all-time, including my wedding video and any video with my kids in it.

I'm sure we'll be discussing the Uncle Stevie news on tonight's Coors Light pregame (and probably postgame) quickie because I'm not sure how much gas this year's team has left in it. Follow us on Twitter to celebrate responsibly together.