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What The Hell Was This Sunday Night Football Open From 2004?

What the fuuuuuuck was that?

The different themes throughout this video is insane. At first you think 'OK, we're rolling with the Steel City, blue collar, incline Pittsburgh theme". Then the neighbors of Bobby Boucher in Waterboy show up to represent Jacksonville and we think we're heading that way. 

Then...an adult mixed choir? 

Nothing gets people in 2004 more fired up for some NFL FOOTBALL than a group of grown ups singing an odd feeling tribal song with a safari beat underneath it. 

I have to apologize to myself and to you because now I'm 100% going to have "Go Pittsburgh, go Pittsburgh, gooo Pittsburgh" stuck in my head all day. 

I just would love to have been in that production meeting where they were talking about this one. "OK so we're thinking of mixing it up a bit for the cold open this week. How about singing? Yes, singing? With a choir." 

Will it get people excited?


Will people feel a little creeped out?


OK, well at least if we throw some jerseys from both teams on them then people will be more down wtith it. 

"Weee can do that!"

This was the final year of ESPN having the right to Sunday Night Football before it switched over to NBC so maybe they were just in complete "fuck it" mode knowing that 16 years later some blogger would be intrigued enough by it to bring it back around.