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ESPN Strikes A Deal With Caesars And DraftKings And All The Financial Analysts Can Talk About Is Barstool And Penn

I don't know anything about the stock market. It all seems kind of fake to me. This segment though, this was basically porn for Stoolies like you and me. All the big players are out there following the Barstool model now. Partnering up of media and gaming companies thinking that it'll matter for them the way it does with Barstool and won't. Nobody can follow Barstool because nobody has stoolies. It's an unrelenting army of regular guys ready to download our app and you guys make all the difference. So much so that the prevailing thought from the experts on Wall St about this deal is "yeah, but...Barstool". On the day our competitors want to take a victory lap, they can't because we have hoards of Dothraki and Portnoy and Big Cat flying around on dragons ready to take the entire space by storm. Pennsylvania first, then Illinois

Then the world. Love you guys.