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Dad of the Year Freddie Freeman Flew to Atlanta in the Middle of a Braves Road Trip to See His Son's First Tee Ball Practice

It is difficult for me to express just how damn much I love Freddie Freeman.

This past weekend, Freeman flew to Atlanta for two hours — on a game day — in the middle of an 11-day road trip to see his son Charlie's first tee ball practice before then flying back to Washington, D.C. for the Braves' game that night. This man is literally perfect.

But this is no normal tee ball team. If you were feeling bad for the guys who have to coach Freeman's son while one of the best hitters on the planet watches on, don't worry. Those guys are former National League MVP Ryan Howard and All-Star Dan Uggla, whose sons are also on the team.

Can you imagine showing up to your kid's tee ball game and he's going up against a 2040 MLB All-Star lineup of Charlie Freeman and Howard's and Uggla's kids? Those poor other teams don't have a chance.

And Charlie Freeman rakes just like his dad. I know he's only three years old, but he could have started playing tee ball at least a year ago. The kid mashes.

Freddie Freeman is simply the man. And please don't forget he should be the leader in the clubhouse for NL MVP this season, but continues to produce at a ridiculous level as the most under-appreciated player in sports.