Freddie Freeman's 3-Year-Old Son Has a Better Swing Than Most Minor Leaguers

Save some for the rest of us, Charlie Freeman.

This kid is three years old, has a dad who makes $22 million a year, gets to grow up hanging out in a Major League clubhouse and already has a swing better than half the players in AAA right now. I am truly jealous of the life this 3-year-old child will lead.

I don't have a great frame of reference for what a 3-year-old's swing is supposed to look like, but I'm pretty sure it's not driving the ball right back up the middle with a perfect leg kick and weight transfer.

He also has enough power to be hitting a regulation MLB baseball 40 feet on the fly with a toy bat. If Freddie was putting plastic balls on that tee, Charlie would be putting on a laser show.

This proves the power of genetics. Charlie Freeman could simply not play baseball if he wanted to, but he couldn't be bad at baseball. If this kid wants to be a Major League Baseball player, he will be. He was born to hit dingers.