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COLLEGE HOOPS IS SO GODDAMN BACK: Battle 4 Atlantis Will Be Played In Front Of Fans (But Will Be In South Dakota - Not The Bahamas)

And just like that, college hoops is back. It's been so long since I've been able to watch a college hoops game that I'm losing my mind. I'm just watching random old games on my TV like a lost puppy. It's what I love, not exactly a secret, not something I will ever hide. College hoops will always be the love of my life - family be damned. And you know what? I may just go to South Dakota now - I think I have to at this point. It's going to be bizarre seeing the Battle 4 Atlantis at this court instead of the ballroom in the Bahamas: 

This has gotta be the biggest downgrade in the history of downgrades right? Here you are thinking you're about to spend a week in the Bahamas only to end up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota - the Bahamas of the Dakotas. The place is so bad that James Fraschilla (Fran's kid who played at OU) literally almost busted his eardrum just flying in there: 

I'll say this though. I'd rupture my eardrum for college hoops to happen. No question about it, I'd rupture my eardrum just to go to Sioux Falls and watch this. We got a loaded field and the Battle 4 Atlantis is no joke. That's been 1/2 with Maui lately in terms of these early season tournaments as the best without question. Oh and more good news, it sounds like in a couple days we'll have the for sure date for the season: 

College hoops is so goddamn back. I'll never be happier the moment I see it on TV again. In the mean time, send my ass to South Dakota. I'm ready.