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Marlon Mack Is Out For The Season And I Put 99% Of The Blame On Myself

What a terrible start to a Monday. I knew it was going to be shitty waking up 0-1, but now it's even worse hearing that Marlon Mack is going to be out for the year. This is going to sound crazy but hear me out. I take full responsibility for Marlon's injury. My former 25 year old alcoholic gambling pothead roommate that jerks off without headphones texted me last week asking if he should take Marlon or Jonathan Taylor for his fantasy team. Pretty sure I jinxed myself and Marlon's achilles.

"Always hurt" may be an exaggeration since he's played 40/50 games, but it seems every year he will get hurt out of nowhere. Marlon is a great blocker, solid runner, and a great bail out if there's no open receiver. This is also Marlons last year under his rookie contract and I can't think of a worse time for him to go down than year 4. Since Marlon's gone, we now have to throw the run game on the shoulders of Nyheim 'Young Darren Sproles' Hines and Jordan Wilkins. If only we had a fresh, young powerback that looked like the Hulk…

Drum Roll

Giphy Images.

Oh that's right! It's Jonathan Taylor time baby! This human sized tank is the future of our running game. The rookie had a solid debut yesterday as he almost took one to the house off a screen pass. 

No bullshit, but I was playing Madden 20 Franchise Mode this summer and played as the Colts. Marlon Mack got hurt around Week 2 or 3 and was out for about 10 weeks. I put in Jonathan Taylor and he averaged about 180 yards a game. I might have been playing on pro difficulty, but if my virtual reality world is foreshadowing anything that will happen to the real life Colts, then you can thank me for sending the Colts to Tampa Bay and winning the Super Bowl. Here's to Jonathan Taylor rushing for 2500 yards and a playoff appearance. As always, go horse.