This 71-Year Old Dude Sitting On Top Of A Ladder In A Pickup Truck To Watch A High School Game Loves Football More Than You

I know we all gotta get our fix of watching sports in person - especially when it comes to a Louisville Trinity/Cincinnati Moeller game. You simply can't miss those programs when they play each other. But this is a top-1 uncomfortable seat if I've ever seen one. Not to mention this guy Denny is 71-years old. He's asking for his back to go out sitting like that. That said, this is the ultimate football guy. This is the guy who lives for football season. He knows Trinity's backup freshman quarterback and what offers he's getting. Pure dedication out of Denny here to watch his beloved Trinity Shamrocks. Can only wonder what he'll do when they play their actual rival in St. X. 

Sidenote: I feel like this is the ultimate football guy outfit too. White socks above the ankle, plain hat with the team name on the front. Polo shirt tucked, brown belt with khaki shorts. Just the uniform of all guys like Denny. All this effort for a 44-7 game too. Dude loves football more than you love anything.