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Uncle Stevie Update: Steve Cohen And The Mets Are Reportedly Finalizing Paperwork For The Sale Of The Team And The JRod Bid Has No Chance Because Saul Katz Loves Cohen

Excuse me one second, I'll be right back.

[Pulls up tweet on phone, goes into bathroom, locks door]

[Returns 1 minute later appearing very relaxed]

Okay, much better! It sounds like all we need is for Uncle Stevie to cross some T's and dot some I's while signing the contracts using Jeff Wilpon's tears and we will finally have our salvation once a couple of rich guys welcome an even richer guy into their league that could use a nice influx of cash after God knows how much money was lost this year.

I guess we can also cuncel da JRod after last night's report about them trying to save their bid.

Not only that, but it appears our good friend Saul Katz was responsible for pushing Uncle Stevie through.

A Tom Seaver statue big and majestic enough for a man named The Franchise needs to be built ASAP considering how the Wilpons bungled that entire situation before Seaver's unfortunate passing. But if Uncle Stevie won't build a statue for Saul Katz I think Mets fans should scrape together whatever money they saved on tickets for this year and build something for Katz as they arrive at Citi Field because from demanding the Wilpons to sell to demanding they boot Jeff from the negotiations to demanding they sell to Steve Cohen, there is a case to be made that Saul Katz is the person most responsible for us about to land the richest owner in baseball, which doesn't ensure happiness but it sure as shit ensures not the same sadness we've endured for years. While other people are living and dying with a fraudulent coronaseason, all I care about is Uncle Stevie coming followed by the rest of us cumming (figuratively speak and if we are being honest, probably literally too).