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15 Second Food Review: McDonald's Spicy Chicken McNuggets (BONUS: Chips Ahoy McFlurry Review)

Blogger's Note: I wrote this review a week and a half ago since I was somehow gifted with a local Mickey D's that got a sneak peak of the spicy nugs. I am republishing the blog now that the nuggets as well as the Chips Ahoy McFlurry have been released nationwide so people will know the opinion of this resident fat Barstool blogger before potentially ordering them for lunch since I've been asked about them a few times this week. As always, I will end the blog with a penance for republishing something. Have a blessed Friday! 

A couple days/weeks/months ago (it all blends together during this pandemic) I blogged about McDonald's getting into the spicy nuggets game. You can read the blog here if you are feeling generous with your clicks for the day or want to read one of the Top 500 bloggers here at Barstool.

Anyway, I decided to treat my daughter with a Happy Meal since it was her first day of "school" today and was astonished to see that the Spicy McNuggets somehow stumbled into my little corner of Winterfell before they did a wide release. Despite packing on a few LBs during quarantine, I decided to try them out strictly for the content and not because I became one of Pavlov's pooches the minute I saw that beautiful spicy orange fried chicken on the menu.

The results are below:

All in all, pretty fucking good. It took a while for my brain to process the Chicken McNugget I have been munching on for my entire life had some spice on it. But once I got my bearings, I enjoyed them. So much so, my dumbass declined to give the people an actual score.

I'd love to blame the seismic change in the nugget industry for why I forgot to leave a score in that video. However, that was just me being a big dumb idiot.

For people that were thinking of trying the Spicy McNuggets or wanted to get a little extra caliente, I also broke down what the Mickey D's Mighty Hot Sauce tasted like:


Before capping things off with a Chips Ahoy McFlurry:

I went into this review with pretty low expectations because I'm not a huge McFlurry guy and much more of a Chewy Chips Ahoy then the old school crispy cookie that comes in the blue package. But after tasting my $1.79 McFlurry, I looked like Vincent Vega's head ass after he slurped on a $5 milkshake (which hasn't felt to be even close to an egregious price tag for years now).

If you want to watch more of half a head at different points of weight loss/gain, you can check out my entire 15 Second Food Review playlist below. There are even a bunch of videos that actually only lasted 15 seconds (Follow me on Instagram to see these videos as soon as they drop).

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