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It Sounds Like We're Getting Our First Official Bubble For College Hoops, But More Importantly - COACH CAL REVENGE GAME VS. MEMPHIS!!!

Fuck. Yes. By all accounts it sounds like we're about to get our first official bubble news and giddy on up. This is what I had in mind when these nonconference bubble ideas starting popping up on Twitter and in the college basketball world. You take this Holiday Hoopsgiving event, put them in Atlanta, bubble them for a week and play like 3-4 nonconference games. More importantly it gives us the matchups we don't typically get. You know, like COACH CAL REVENGE GAME. 

I want nothing more than Kentucky vs Memphis. It needs to happen. Penny coming out talking about how he wants all the smoke. Memphis fans still hating Coach Cal from a decade ago for leaving for Kentucky, completely unaware why a coach would leave Memphis for Kentucky. That should be the first game scheduled after these original matchups. 

You have 5 SEC teams, they obviously can't play each other. So set it up where you have:

Kentucky - Georgia Tech, Dayton, Memphis

Alabama - Clemson, USF, Georgia Tech

Auburn - Memphis, USF, Dayton

Alabama - Clemson, Georgia Tech, USF

LSU - USF, Clemson, Dayton

Each team plays 4 games, round robin style. Play 3-4 games a day starting around 1pm. It's so simple and so close to being done correctly here. This is what we need to happen across the country. Take these sort of events and turn it all into round robin type bubbles for a short period of time. We'll get nonconference games in and yeah it's not fair for some low/mid-majors, but in what world is it typically fair? 

Coaches across the country know it's not going to be fair. But look at this Atlanta bubble. Dayton and USF get chances for quality wins, something they wouldn't typically have. We get to see Memphis play Kentucky and other SEC schools. This is what we need. This is how you save college hoops.