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Nick Kyrgios' Response To Djokovic's DQ From The US Open Was Such a Perfect Troll

By now you've seen or heard about Novax Djokovic getting DQ'd from the US Open for smacking a tennis ball at a lines judge's throat. Basically tried to kill her in cold blood. No room for that in the sport. He tried to plead his case, but the head umpire wasn't having it. Good for him. Who cares if he's number 1 in the world and the tournament favorite? Rules apply to everyone, see ya pal!

Djokovic was warned by the media this was coming for a long time. Hate to see it. What a video with the curb music too. The internet remains undefeated. 

Djokovic felt so bad for what he did he decided to skip the media entirely, get right in his car, and leave the premises. Such a great guy owning up to what he did. He later posted this on Instagram which his agent probably wrote for him. 

Spare me guy. Get lost. 

The best response out of all of this came from Nick Kyrgios. He HATES Djokovic. Downright despises him. I wish I coulda seen the immediate smile from him the moment he got the news. 

Chef's kiss. Perfection. He's 1000% right too. If Nick was in Novak's shoes he's probably never allowed to play tennis again. Skipping the media too? He might get arrested and thrown in jail. You think Nick would have any opportunity to explain himself or given any consideration by the umpire? Zero point zero percent chance. 

I'm so pumped Novak is gone and I'm willing to bet as are the players. This is shit is anyone's game now. After today's round of 16 I'm going to do a preview blog for the quarterfinals and see if we can get on a good future together. This is going to be a fun week of tennis. 

TBT to close out the blog of Serena telling a lines judge back in 2009, “I swear to God I'll fucking take the ball and shove it down your fucking throat.” Yeah she was defaulted for that too. Such an angel.