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The Miami Heat Are Now On The Verge Of Sweeping The Bucks

Holy shit. I mean what the hell happened to the Bucks? I'll tell you what happened. Playoff Jimmy happened. Even if you thought the Heat were going to pull this series out, a sweep? The #1 overall seed and a team that had a historic season getting swept in the second round is insane. And make no mistake about it, this series is a wrap. Guys are going to start packing their bags to leave the bubble immediately. What an incredible performance from the Heat this entire playoff run. Easily playing some of the best basketball in the entire field and now they are oozing with even more confidence.

I'm not sure what's more shocking. The Bucks going down 3-0, or the fact that they lost the fourth quarter 40-13. How do you only score 13 points!! They didn't make a shot for the final 4 minutes of the fourth quarter and were in the bonus for about half of it. What an unreal collapse and overall choke job from a team that was supposed to be the title favorite. But that's the beauty of the bubble. Anything can happen and Jimmy Butler asserted himself as the best player in this series. The Heat were built to take down this Bucks team and that is exactly what's happening. 

Sadly for Bucks fans, you know what comes next. Now the circus around Giannis' next team goes up a few levels. Don't even turn on the TV. Log off the internet right this second because it's going to get so much worse. You probably have to fire your coach, Giannis isn't going to sign the extension which means you have to trade him this offseason or he walks for nothing. Some might say this could be the end of an era and that era never even made an NBA Finals. An MVP and DPOY couldn't even win a game in the second round? Man that's tough.

But seriously, Playoff Jimmy fucking rules.