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A New John Prine Box Set Will Be Available Next Month

Rolling Stone - A new John Prine box set, Crooked Piece of Time, featuring the singer-songwriter’s first seven albums, will be released October 23rd via Rhino.

The seven-CD collection comprises Prine’s output on Atlantic and Asylum Records, released between 1971 and 1980. These include favorites such as his 1971 self-titled debut, 1973’s Sweet Revenge, 1975’s Common Sense and 1980’s Storm Windows.

The seven albums will be presented in mini-LP replica sleeves, while the collection will also come with poster inserts and a 20-page booklet featuring new liner notes from journalist and Rolling Stone senior editor David Fricke. The collection’s cover art is a portrait of Prine painted by Joshua Petker, based on a photo taken by Jim Shea.

Crooked Piece of Time arrives about five months after Prine died from complications related to Covid-19 at the age of 73. In June, Prine’s family released his final recorded song, “I Remember Everything,” which was produced by Dave Cobb and co-written by Prine and long-time collaborator Pat McLaughlin.

It seems like ages ago that John Prine passed away, but it was only in early April. He was one of the first "big names" to be claimed by Covid back when we still weren't sure what we were dealing with.

White Sox Dave (a big Prine fan) wrote a fantastic tribute in the wake of his passing.

So on the heels of Tom Petty's estate announcing a new boxed release of re-issued and unheard material, the Prine estate has now done the same. 

Which is great for not just his fans that grew up with him, but also the new generation of fans he made during his later years. Thanks to a new album he released in 2016, and big stars like Kacey Musgraves, Margo Price, and Jason Isbell all helping to shine the spotlight on him, Prine enjoyed a big second wind in the last five years right before he passed. 

October 23rd is the release date. 

p.s. - Ed Warm, one of the owners of, Barstool Chicago favorite, Joe's On Weed St. is a monster John Prine fan. After he passed he gave me a master's education on the guy by recounting several stories to me and sending me 3 great pieces on him to read. Ed is a guy whose musical taste is in a league of his own. The guy has been scouting and hand picking up and coming talent before anybody even knows who they are for decades. If you're interested in the articles here they are. 

Holly Gleason