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Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott Has 'High Degree of Confidence' League Will Play Football No Later Than January, Possibly Sooner

As rumors of a Big Ten backtrack continue to swirl, there has been relatively little news out of the Pac-12, which also postponed its football season in August. This is partly due to the fact that the Pac-12 actually provided players and parents with the information it had that led to its decision, which the Big Ten did not — it's also partly because very few people care about the Pac-12.

But on Friday, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said on The Dan Patrick Show that his is confident the league will be playing football in January, if not sooner.

"I've got a high degree of confidence we'll be playing in January," Scott said. "It's possible that we could play sooner."

So if everything goes according to plan, this wacky college football season could actually end up being pretty fun. We have the ACC, SEC and Big 12 all starting in the net three weeks. It's possible we could see the Big 10 start in mid-October — if all goes well with its efforts to reverse course — and then we could see the Pac-12 start in December or January.

Even if the Pac-12 only plays, say, eight games, that would give us college football from now right up until March Madness. I'm decidedly giddy just thinking about the possibility.

And much like the MAC playing games on Tuesday nights, what a great opportunity this would be for the Pac-12 to have its product in front of the largest possible audience. Just as the other conferences are winding down, everybody adopts a Pac-12 team and gears up for an encore season.

This college football season won't be like any one we've seen before, but it could end up being much more fun than we thought just a few weeks ago.