Airline Pilots Approaching LAX Report Mysterious Person Flying Around in a Goddamn Jetpack At 3,000 Feet


An American Airlines pilot reports seeing a mystery person in a jetpack flying high above Los Angeles, right in the path of incoming jets at LAX Sunday evening.

When it comes to accuracy and detail and reliability, you’d probably rank airline pilots right up there. So, when an American Airlines pilot reported via radio to the control tower seeing a "guy in a jetpack" as he was approaching LAX at about 3,000 feet and ten miles out for a landing, you had to give it serious credibility, as unlikely as that may be.    

With all the crazy shit going on in 2020 it's about damn time we got a real life superhero. Reports from multiple pilots approaching LAX say a person in a jetpack was flying around at 3000 feet outside their window. I mean this is actually how Iron Man was first spotted in the movie. Just a training exercise right? 

The tower operator's response to the pilot's report of a guy in a fucking jetpack was the best part of this...

"American 1997, OK thank you. Were they off to their left or right side?"

Didn't break stride for a second. No big deal, just Tony Stark going out for his daily fly. That's a professional. You have me in the tower and tell me that guy is outside your window I immediately scramble some F22s. LAX has one of the more crowded airspaces in the country. You got a dude flying around near the airport in a jetpack? That has to be one of a tower control's biggest nightmares coming to life. 

I feel like this has Elon Musk written all over it. Space X headquarters are legit 10 minutes away from LAX. David Blaine was too busy worrying about his balloons to try a stunt like this. My money is on that crazy motherfucker Elon. That or someone unlocked the GTA San Andreas cheat codes. 

Side note, flying around in a jetpack is something I dream of doing, but will never ever come close to obtaining the balls for. You can't even get me to sky dive. I really don't have a fear of heights, it's more just a lack of trust in anything actually working the right way. My ex-girlfriend liked to call it trust issues. 

Stumbling upon this article I came across Jetman. 

Has this just been happening this whole time? I mean holy fucking shit. I am such a pussy.