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Giannis - The DPOY - Didn't Ask To Guard Jimmy Butler Because He Respects His Coach Or Some Other Bullshit Lie

Listen, I like Giannis. I think he's clearly awesome and absolutely hilarious. That said, this? This is the softest, biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever seen. You're Giannis! You're the MVP and DPOY! You think if you went to Bud and told him 'hey, let me guard Jimmy Butler instead of standing in the corner on Jae Crowder and trying to help at the rim but it's too late because Jimmy Butler is hitting a bunch of midrange jumpers and beating Middleton off the dribble with ease' that Bud would say no? Of course not! He'd say, you know what, let's give that a try because clearly he didn't think to make the switch as a coach. 

This is where Giannis needs to be a killer. I know he has the more passive personality where he'll shit talk but not go out of his way to really get involved. He needs to look at Jimmy Butler absolutely cooking the Bucks, even if Giannis is playing average offensively at best last night, and guard him. Meanwhile you look at the other side and these are the quotes Jimmy Butler is saying: 

Notice the difference? That's what Giannis needs. No one is disagreeing that Giannis is a better player than Jimmy Butler, you gotta be a dog at some point. You gotta be a killer and immediately see that Jimmy Butler is scoring 40 points and go try to shut his ass down. At the minimum you have to go to your coach and tell him to switch. If he says no, do it yourself for a possession and see what happens. Save me the 'I'll do whatever coach says' bullshit. No, like Billy Madison says you get off your ass and you find that fucking dog.