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Joe Burrow Is Absolutely FEELING Himself

This guyyyy. THIS GUYYYY!

Folks they don't call him "Big Dick Joe" for nothing. 

Pulling off one of the best "candid" "hey will you take this pic real quick" I've ever seen. Just so happens to take his jersey off WHILE keeping his shoulder pads on, and I mean there's no shot those locks look like that after a full practice and he definitely didn't go to the local Cincy Sports Clips for that one. 

On a high school scale, it must be incredible for the lovely (?) people of Cincinnati to go from having the fire crotch nerd who had a retainer (Andy Dalton) to the letterman jock who the moms wanted to fuck after he had already hooked up with their daughters and smoked a cig out back. 

Not going to lie, his historic season at LSU last year, the way he's been talking during camp along with dropping THIS picture has this Steelers fan just a tad, in the slightest way, worried about "damn this MF could really be the guy for the next 15 years." 

But then I watch this, and remember we'll be OK. 

Either way, a lot of WAP on his feed after this one.