The Bengals Offensive Line Is Going To Get Joe Burrow Killed

This is why the caption game is so important in today’s digital age. This man James Rapien did not sell this clip nearly enough. I almost didn’t even click it. I expected one, maybe two defensive linemen somewhere in the general vicinity of Joe Burrow when I pressed play on this gif. I certainly did not expect it to look like a rerun of The Benny Hill Show with Joey B running in and out of doors being chased by everyone in town set to the tune of Yakety Sax. Joe Burrow was running for his goddamn life, which is doubly funny when you remember he can’t even get hit by his own teammates. Maybe the Bengals don’t know this, which would actually make a ton of sense. Because this clip makes it seem like absolutely no one is aware of that. By my count he had 40 players hot on his tail and narrowly escaped with all of his limbs intact. Someone quickly get this footage in front of Alex Smith so it can hopefully knock some sense into his stuffed sausage casing leg.