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The Bucks Just Boycotted Game 5 Against The Magic As A Form Of Protest And We've Never Seen A Powerful Moment Like This

I honestly don't remember quite a moment like this in the sports world. It's the first time we've seen a team just straight up forfeit a playoff game - a game that could have clinched the series - to protest human rights. Don't get it wrong, that's what they are doing. We've talked about it before on this site, this is about human rights and I don't give a shit if you disagree with that. You're wrong. Call me whatever you want, that's a fact. 

Now if you want to talk about the actual outcome of this forfeit? Well, it's not a forfeit: 

This is in protest for the recent shooting of Jacob Blake - which happened less than an hour from Milwaukee. Remember the Bucks are also a team that has Sterling Brown on the roster - who has experienced police brutality from the Milwaukee police department. John Henson had 911 called on him when he was trying to get his watch fixed. 

Now comes the question of what happens with the rest of the games. Honestly no one knows. There won't be games played tonight though

Who knows when we'll have games again. Either way, this is a moment that we've never seen before. People always tell these guys to just not talk the talk, everyone is currently walking what they say too. Good for them.