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Everyone Stay Calm, But Messi Might Be On NYCFC's Roster In Three Years

The GOAT a city boy? Don't mind if I do! I don't know if there is any veracity to this rumor whatsoever, but I'll choose to buy it for a couple reasons. The first is that I do believe that Messi wants to go to Man City. He can join the evil empire with his BFF Agüero (I'm under the assumption that both he and the club would want to extend if Messi came) and get a better shot at UEFA. Side note: The thought of KDB and Messi together makes me want to blast a load in my pants. 

The second reason I believe it is that the potential move to NYCFC would offer him two things: long term stability and essentially a guaranteed spot in the MLS Cup Final for three years straight. I'm sure any athlete likes the idea of being able to plan out that far ahead in the waning years of their career. He is also coming off one of the most crushing losses I've seen vs Bayern, which is just another chapter in a fairly long history of heart-stomping losses he's went through. Wouldn't it be nice to not only have a better shot at winning with a prestige team in Man City for three years, but an almost surefire shot at winning for three years straight in America? It's like switching from World Class to Sem-pro! I don't know what his thinking on it is, but being able to set the table for a non-stop win parade third act to his career must be at least a little tantalizing. 

On NYCFC's side, if this deal went through it would be a lot of planning for the future in that last year before the then 36 year-old joined the team. Whatever financials needed would have to be squared away, and they'd have to surround him with the proper talent to fit his playstyle. Hell, him and fellow Argentine Valentin Castellanos might end up being best friends!