Lucas Giolito Throws a NO HITTER And Is An ACE #Pray4TheLeague

Absolutely filthy all evening and over the course of his last two starts. It took a minute, but the shut down ACE version of Lucas Giolito that we saw light it up in 2019 is so so so back:

Giphy Images.

Sure, he got some help from CB Bucknor (he's horrendous), pitching against a (really) bad Pittsburgh team, and an AWESOME play by TA and Pito in the 7th…

but fuck all that. A no hitter is a no hitter is a no hitter when you're facing MLB hitters. He's just been incredible his last two starts:

16 IP, 2 walks, 3 hits, 26 strike outs an a bunch of fucking ZEROS across the board.

We talked about it last year ad nauseam, but to go from being (literally) the worst pitcher in baseball in 2018, to an all star/staff ace in 2019 to being a league ace in 2020 in beyond is an incredible story. The mechanical adjustments he made were awesome, but the mental work he did over the 2018-19 offseason was every bit as important. Dude is just a fucking stud, and he keeps getting better and better and better. Tonight he paired 3 pitches with command for with easy just like he told us he was going to do on Red Line Radio prior to the season's restart, and here's your result. Bingo bango

That's 8 wins in 9 games for the Sox who just look fucking awesome right now. All is good, my friends, all is good. Pray for the motherfucking LEAGUE. 

One more thing I want to note - shout out to James McCann. The Sox picked him up off the trash heap prior to the 2019 season and he's been nothing short of AWESOME for the Sox. I love him in every single way as a baseball player. He does everything right, ESPECIALLY the little things. Dude's so good and I really, really hope they can find a way to keep him