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Toolie Tuesday: All Of These Could Be On Tim Allen's New TV Show

Let's fucking go. Tim Allen and Richard Karn (Al Borland) who we had on Chaps and Kate are BACK to host a new DIY show where people will build and rebuild all manner of things. You bet your tits I already applied to be on it. My pal Clem wrote about it in case you aren't subscribed to Tim Allen news.

Our Twitter and Instagram followers could definitely be on that show. Look at some of their stuff from this week's Toolie Tuesday.

One of the Toolie's kids built this parking garage out of Legos and cardboard and honestly, I'm impressed. This even appears to have the necessary paths of egress for a structure of this size thanks to the very large and sturdy stairwell. Well done, mini-Toolie.

This motherfucker Sam made a goddamned baseball bat in his shop. Looks at this. Jarred Carrabis, aka The Rocket, could swing this so hard at pitches from Dallas Braden and might even get a hit it's so well made. I honestly might have to make my own baseball bat. 

I recently made my kid a floating desk all based on one picture my wife showed me, you can see it here. This sonofabitch made his kid the coolest bed I've ever seen, and I've seen my share of racer beds. I just know if I showed this to my kid, they'd rip that desk off the wall and storm off, knowing I've failed them. 

Ol Duke Silver unfortunately did some hurricane prep goofin and had to board up his windows. Honestly, best of luck to all those in the path of Laura, hopefully it isn't that bad and you can take that plywood off in a few days and make some bitchin stuff out of it. 

Right now I'm working on my own backyard BBQ oasis and I probably shouldn't have looked at this one. This Toolie put in a pergola, bar, and grill station that looks amazing. AND he has an in ground pool? I noticed there isn't a stock tank pool though, but he is off to a good start.

I don't know what a spaceship desk is, I guess it is this, but I do know I like it. The soft light under the shelf looks great with that blonde strip of wood flowing through the desk, and the legs are simple and elegant. Plus that cat looks fuckin badass.

The more time I spend around this DIY stuff, the more I appreciate it, all of it. People take nothing and turn it into beautiful pieces of functioning art. I love it. I'm hooked. 

If you want to get started in DIY goofin' like these fine folks but don't really know what to start with, I came up with ten tools that I used the most since starting out.