Wake Up With Mike Trout Dropping Dick On The Baseball In HS

Look, I get that Luis Robert is the flavor of the week. I understand why people swoon over his 6'3", 215 pound Hercules-like frame that he pairs with an unmatched ability to hit baseballs, catch baseballs and throw baseballs. Yes, he's going to one day be the best player in the league. But for everyone saying he's already the best player in baseball? 

Not so fast my friend! 

He's still got a LOT to learn as a hitter. He's way too swing happy which has resulted in a 36% K-rate. Now will Luis Robert be the best player in baseball eventually? Yes, yes he will. It'll just take another week or two. Until that time comes, Mike Trout is the undisputed best player in the game and will go down in history as one of baseball's all time greats.

Yes this was spoken in embellishment and the tone was meant to be completely facetious. Don't even fucking THINK of reminding me about Fernando Tatis, Jr... I'm well aware the White Sox used to have him and traded him for James Shields. Very, very well aware. Fuck you