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Two Lunatics Freestyle Climbed The World's 2nd Tallest Building Annndddd My Nuts Are In My Stomach

The new financial center still under construction and is situated in Shenzhen, China. Right now its height is about 660 meters and that makes it the second tallest tower in the world. Right after Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Here’s the thing, me and heights go together like oil and water. It’s to the point where I get a panic attack jumping off an average building in GTA. So I have to ask this: What’s the endgame here? Why anyone would do anything where survival is the best case scenario? If I wanted to shit myself I’d down some Chipolte and sit in traffic. Not to mention I can’t even fathom how these batshits can keep that good of a grip while doing this. Just watching this makes my palms sweatier than Patrick Ewing in the 4th quarter. Regardless, the craziest thing about this video is that these guys trust Chinese welding. You know damn well there’s no OSHA over there pretending to care about safety.