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The City Of Cleveland Has Banned Tailgating Before Browns Games

Well that's disappointing. How can you plan to have fans in the stands, but you can't allow them to tailgate before the game? 

Tailgating is literally the only reason to go to a Browns game. Mostly because you have to be drunk to be a Browns fan anymore. But honestly, sometimes I enjoy heading down to the Muni Lot and tailgating, only to not actually go into the game. I mean, who wants to pay over a hundred bucks to watch THAT team? And that's just the ticket. Factor in the $6 hot dogs and $11 beers, and you could be well over two hundred dollars to see the Browns jump offsides three times and turn it over at the end of the game. This might be an unpopular opinion, but it should be a popular one: watching an NFL game on TV is much better than seeing it live. Especially when it's cold outside. I'd much rather spend $25 and get an abundance of chicken wings delivered right to my couch.

BUT, if you do find yourself going to the game, you absolutely have to tailgate. That's the best part. And now, the city of Cleveland has banned it. 

“Public and private gatherings of greater than 10 people occurring outside of a single household or living unit, including but not limited to block/street parties and tailgating events are prohibited,” Mayor Frank Jackson’s order Monday stated.

No vehicles will be allowed in any city-owned parking lots until two hours before a game, and the city won’t issue permits for tailgating events.

Listen, I mean this with the utmost respect for the people across this country that are peacefully gathering in the streets to voice their concerns, but can we just scrap the word "tailgate" and call it a protest? The first scheduled protest can be…..ummmm how about September 17th? Oh that just so happens to be the day of the Browns home opener against the Bengals. I'll bring the hot dogs to make sure everyone is fed. Who's got the beer?

Anyways, I've really been debating in my own head how this season is going to go. On one hand, every single person on our defense is now injured. I could see how this team falls off the rails before Game 1 even kicks off. Another complete disaster in Cleveland. But on the other hand, with the tailgating cancelled and the traditional way of life completely out of whack, I could see this being the year the Browns finally do something good. And no one can enjoy it. Wouldn't that be something. The Browns get to host Monday Night Football in Week 14 against the Ravens to win the AFC North, and no one is there. The Browns host a playoff game for the first time in my life, and no one can go or even tailgate for it. That would be typical Cleveland. Even when something good happens, it completely sucks.