Fellas, We Wearing These New Bathing Suits Called “Brokinis” At The Labor Day Bash?

Gotta love the innovation here. I can’t be the only one who HATES when my swimming trunks, bathing suit, baggies or whatever you call them drip down my legs. I hate when things drip on my legs!

That being said, for somethingthat has so much drip, there will be very little drip with these bad boys. The shoulder strap is fucking cool too.

I remember going to school and seeing a kid wear his backpack with one strap and thinking, “I’m not sure what a vagina looks like but this kid has tasted a few.” Can you believe that? Cunnilingus before he was 20. Incredible.

Anyway, feels great that we are ahead of the curve on this one. Click here to check out ours in the barstool store.