Four Best Teams, Right? So Can #2 Ohio State Still Make The College Football Playoff?

Alright so I think we can all agree that ranking teams that aren't even playing this Fall is a stupid idea. But if the precedent has been set by the Associated Press, what is there to stop the College Football Playoff committee from putting Ohio State in their Top 4 come December? I mean, we've all heard the same song and dance for the last 5 years: we're looking for the FOUR BEST TEAMS. That's why Alabama finds their way in far too often. Forget their strength of schedule. Forget their lack of conference championship. The committee just knows they're one of the four best teams when push comes to shove. Well when push comes to shove at the end of November this year, how can you not consider the Buckeyes one of the four best teams? 

All I'm saying is that if the Buckeyes don't lose between now and Selection Sunday, they deserve STRONG consideration from the committee. I think the SEC Champion, Big 12 Champion, and ACC Champion should be shoe-ins. But the question must be begged: two loss SEC team or zero loss Ohio State for the 4th and final spot? All jokes aside, I can guarantee you that every single team in that playoff hopes the committee goes with two loss Georgia instead of 0-0 Ohio State. If you cage this team for the next 5 months and them unleash them in the playoff? Watch out.

Hear me out: if the Crooked Kevin Warren and the Big Ten has postponed their season until 2021.....and the semifinals are on JANUARY 1ST......why can't we play? Put us in, committee. You've always said you want the four best teams.