Orioles Announcer Kevin Brown Absolutely Roasts Dennis Eckersley And The Red Sox

You may remember during the Orioles - Red Sox route on Opening Day when Red Sox broadcaster, Dennis Eckersley had some lovely comments about how tough it must be to be an announcer for the Orioles. The Birds were getting their brains beat in during the game and we all assumed it would be another long year of losing for the Orioles. Fast forward a month and the Red Sox are the worst team in the American League and the Orioles are sitting at .500 sniffing a playoff spot coming off a series split with the Sox. Orioles announcer, Kevin Brown, saw a chance to take a shot at Eck and boy did he nail it. Listen below.

Come at the king, you best not miss. Omar said that, but it's basically what Kevin was saying too. You hate to see the Boston guys on they high horse on Opening Day and now they're counting down the days until the season is over. My oh my how the tables have turned. I loved how calmly he delivered the line and just let it fly. Kevin is an Orioles legend for this call.