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Blazers Head Coach Terry Stotts Stuffed A Reporter In A Locker For Asking About Damian Lillard Playing Down 30

'He was playing basketball.' Might be my favorite quote of all time. Works for anything. But really it just goes to show how stupid so many Journalists questions are. Why was Dame in the game down 30 in the 3rd? Uhh, ever hear of competing guy? Ever hear of not wanting to sit on the bench? Maybe Damian Lillard told Terry Stotts to shut up and let him play. This is a completely fair answer by Stotts too. He's not lying. I have no problem with coaches or players giving dickhead answers to dumb questions. Sure, we're used to Belichick or Pop doing this and that's all their shtick and whatever. But, if a reporter asks a dumb question, you should be allowed to give a dickhead response no questions asked. Give me the personality over the canned bullshit answer.

Good question, Dwight. (Of course it was a Dwight).