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Wake Up With Bill Burr Talking To Howard Stern About Being A Shitty Student

"Did you go to summer school your sophomore year?"  

"No I had a cool teacher who hooked me up with a D-."

Hilarious. I've never been to summer school but what Howard says is true, it's the biggest collection of fuckups and funny people in the world when you're growing up. It's the master class of perfecting how to be a dirt bag in your youth. I remember some of the kids who would regularly get detention in high school and they were a riot. Just zero respect for consequence. They did everything for a laugh and 90% of the time it worked. It's a shame because most of them are still that funny they just don't have a voice. They're cops or warehouse workers or salesmen. They don't have podcasts. They don't have radio shows. They have whoever is standing next to them and that's a shame. I imagine a lot of people Bill was talking about are in the same situation. Whattyagonnado? Have a great Thursday.