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Longtime Toolies: What We Learned This Week

 The Toolie life is a rollercoaster. One minute you're absolutely positive you could take Bob Vila head to head in restoring Colonials in New England and the next minute you're pretty sure you should give away every tool and walk away forever. So today we asked the Toolies what they learned this week

Before we get to them, here is what I learned this week:

Ninety cinder blocks can cost $30 but you pay in other ways, and so does your 1/2 ton truck.

My poor yellow truck. Those leaf spring were maxed out, but she took it like a champ. Moving them made me want to die and I remembered why I used to hire people for this stuff. 

I also learned to tie your shoes when you're using a table saw. That seems obvious to me now, but it almost killed me.

Circular saws have these notches on the plate that shows where the blade will cut. Knowing which one is very important or you'll fuck up every single cut. You'll see this on Friday's video.


When I first saw this, I was irate. I thought ole Handsome Hank was dipping his once Duct-Taped-To-A-Wall finger into the DIY pool. He’s got enough going on with Jenga and producing PMT. 


After seeing this chart that you don’t have to be Ross Perot, -RIP obviously- to understand, I think I’ll be a little handsome birdie and whisper a stock tip into Portnoy’s coronavirus infected ear so he won’t have a Complaint with me or the FCC. 

I absolutely should do this but, unfortunately, I never will and that’s a promise.

Plaster? I barely know her.

Ps: I turned the light off in my attic.