Wake Up With Joe Rogan Getting Nice On Some Adolf Hitler Conspiracy Theories

This is a few years old, but WWII history is my favorite history to study and this is still wild to me. I won't spoil too much, but here are some fun facts/tidbits/teasers in the video above:

- After WWII, the US Govt. spent MILLIONS of dollars trying to find Hitler even though we already "found" him and he was considered dead by suicide
- Apparently the skull of the body they found in the bunker was that of a 35 year old woman (and no, NOT Eva Braun)
- There were 200,000 Russians alone charging Berlin where Hitler was "found" dead. That number doesn't include American soldiers and the rest of the Ally Powers, but the Russians apparently snuck a forensics team in there to exhume the body...yeah okay
- 10s of 1000s of Nazi officials made it to South America and in Chile, Argentina and Honduras there are TO THIS DAY German speaking communities where Spanish is non-existent. Many people in these communities still sympathize with what their ancestors fought for in WWII
- Hitler's bodyguard worked for the CIA (!!!) to fight communism in South America in the 50s, 60s, and 70s even though he was... Hitler's bodyguard. Kinda like a Frank Abagnale type story, but on extreme horse steroids

It's worth the 20 min watch and will definitely get your hamster wheels spinning. It actually makes me think that Hitler just might have gotten out of Berlin and made his way to Argentina or Chile. So did Hitler actually kill himself with his GF Eva Braun? At this point... I'm not so sure. Pretty damn interesting and it definitely makes me raise my eyebrow.