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Some Arsenal Fan Named Their Kid 'Ozil' Because He Bet His Wife He'd Get Mesut Ozil To Tweet At Him

How easy is it to win an argument against this wife? You're talking about the name of your kid here. As someone who went through the naming process of the kid (I won, nbd) I can tell you it's not this easy. You don't win bets when it comes to naming your kid. This is a wife that has to be the biggest pushover of all time. We're talking about a tweet sealing the deal! Not even getting anything out of it. Just a quote tweet for a little bit of clout. I don't hate the play by the husband here, but that's such a weak way to decide how to name your kid. 

Not only that, but Ozil is currently debating leaving Arsenal. I get you have favorite players and they break your heart when they leave (looking at you Mike Mussina. The Yankees, really, you asshole?). But, feel like if you're naming a kid after someone, you have to wait for them to leave your team for good or be retired. What happens if shit goes bad? Then you gotta look at your kid and just feel even more disappointment than normal. 

On the flip side, I'm handing out winners left and right here if I'm Ozil. Shit, even if it's just me. Want to name your kid Bobby, Reags or Reagan? Send me a tweet and I'll fire that shit off quicker than you had sex.