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This Is The Most Mesmerizing TikTok I've Ever Seen

If easier to view on Twitter:

Some people don't get the hype of TikTok. I get it. Watching teenagers who are way cooler than all of us do random dances is not for everyone. It's not for me either. But if you're writing TikTok off as just that then you are very much missing out. If you skip past all that, they will curate a feed for you which is filled with actually funny and creative stuff. 

This TikTok took my breath away. Listen, cool is fucking cool and this was just really fucking cool. From the second he did that weird head spin thing in the beginning, I was mesmerized. Some incredibly talented editing here to make this happen. 

I'm convinced that anyone who wants to shut TikTok down would change their minds after seeing this video. Let China have all our data, fuck it. I just want to watch cool shit like all the time. 

(Obligatory plug to follow @st6 but I can personally guarantee we will never do anything nearly as cool as this).