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Vince Carter Suggests That If Kawhi Wins Another Title He "Enters The Conversation" Of Greatest Players Ever

Alright let's calm down here for a second. There's no arguing that if Kawhi is able to bring the title to the Clippers and secure another franchise's first ever title and his third overall, that's a big deal. Especially if he also notches his 3rd Finals MVP. That will bump him into a class of Magic/Shaw/Duncan/LeBron as players who have three, all of who are trailing MJ's six. There's no doubt that it will adjust where Kawhi sits all time.

But can we PUMP THE BRAKES putting him in the "same conversation" as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant? I'm sorry, but a title this year does not put Kawhi in the same conversation as two players who are arguably the greatest players in the history of the sport...and then Kobe. Again, this is nothing against Kawhi, but the man has zero league MVPs, is only a 4x All Star, does not rank in the top 250 in points or rebounds. He's 213th all time in steals. Let's all realize for a second that we're talking about the GOATs of the NBA here. You don't get invited into that group because you have 3 rings and 3 Finals MVPs. You just don't. If we're going to talk GOATs, of course playoff accomplishments matter, but so does the entire body of work for your whole career. I don't know how they couldn't. If you want to call Kawhi one of the greatest postseason performers in league history, no complaints there from me if he wins his third. But entering the best player of all time conversation?

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I was actually a little surprised to hear this come from Vince Carter of all people. He doesn't really strike me as a hot take artist. This is more something I would imagine Skip would say because he hates LeBron or some shit. I know he's only saying "the conversation opens" but even that I feel is a little silly. Does it move Kawhi instantly into the top 25 all time? In my opinion yes, if he wins a couple more now we're talking top 10-15. But when you start talking about the careers of these all time greats, what they produced on the floor over their entire career matters, not just RINNNNGZZZZZZZ.