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Shout Out To This Woman Who Made A Hole-In-One At Bandon Dunes Using Her Putter

I meant to blog this yesterday but got distracted with podcast stuff but HOLY SHIT. What a shot! One of the more incredible things these eyes have ever seen. I can't tell you how much I love the use of the putter there. Good for her. As a guy who has struggled MIGHTILY with his irons his entire life, I wish I had the stones to use my putter on a par-3. It would make my life so much easier. Now obviously it's not possible to use your putter on all par 3s but the ones where it is possible? DONE. I wish it was common to use your putter on a par 3. I would have a much higher success rate if that were the case. It's kinda like how basketball players would be much more successful at the free throw line if they did the granny shot but none of them are willing to swallow their pride and do it. I'm the opposite. I'll swallow my pride in a millisecond. I already suk at golf so what's the difference? My life mission might be to normalize people using their putter on par 3s. 

ANYWAY. Congratulations to that lady on a miraculous shot. Really well done. Awesome stuff. 

And yes, part of the reason I wanted to blog this was so I could put my Australia putt in the blog 

Obviously not nearly as cool (that putt was for bogey LOL) but still pretty awesome. What a putt, if I may say so myself. What an embrace.