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North Korea Has Food Shortage, So Kim Jung Un Orders People To Turn Over Their Dogs To Be Used As Food For People


North Korea's food shortage crisis has taken a serious turn. After failing to resolve the issue, North Korea's premier Kim Jong Un has ordered citizens to hand over pet dogs so that they can be killed and sold for meat.

In July 2020, North Korea's Supreme Leader banned owning pet dogs saying the practice was a decadent and tainted trend of bourgeois ideology. Authorities have already identified houses with dogs and have rounded them up. While pet owners are cursing Kim for such a heinous act, little they can do to prevent such a situation over fear for life, reports said.

"Authorities have identified households with pet dogs and are obliging them to give them up or forcefully confiscating them and putting them down," a source told South Korea's The Chosunilbo newspaper, adding that some dogs are being sent to zoos or restaurants for meat.

Threaten the world with nuclear holocaust, whatever. Murder your uncle and other North Korean officials with mortar rounds in cold blood, fine. Completely brainwash your entire country's populace, have at it. But do not THINK about touching dogs, let alone ordering people to turn over their pets because you can't farm enough food during a global pandemic. That's just stepping over the line, Kimmy, you fucking troll. 

I mean the guy just steps over the line. Habitually. He's a habitual line stepper!  

I don't care who we have to send in. Jason Bourne. James Bond. Jack Bauer. Doesn't matter. Someone just needs to go full on Rambo mode, cross the 38th Parallel and save these fucking dogs. This has to be #1 on both President Trump and Presidential hopeful Joe Biden's to do list right now. A completely and totally bipartisan agreement to stop the murder of one thing both blue and red love, dogs. Band up allies and stop this barbarism before it starts. 

Just think if Guinness or George or Big Poppa the Bulldog were in North Korea! 

They'd be on their way to the slaughter house. Revolting, but doesn't surprise me in the least. Kim Jung Un is a vile piece of shit and both he and his sister must be stopped. Save North Korea's dogs!!!