I Might Have To Cuncel The Mets Myself After They Got Physically Swept Out Of Philly By The Fans

I was first introduced to Barstool during my freshman year of college in 2010. So it's been a decade now for me. And in that decade, I have seen KFC cuncel the Mets approximately 732 times. And after all these years of watching cuncel after cuncel from the sidelines, I think I'm ready to do this one on my own. 

cuncel da saeson. 

You're in Philly to take on the worst bullpen ever created, and not only do you drop 3 straight to this sorry cast of clowns, but you physically get swept off of Pattison Ave. by the Phandemics Krew. In the midst of a global pandemic! No fans in the stadium but now you're getting bullied out of the park by a man wearing Bryce Harper socks and a pair of (what look to be customized) Phillie Phanatic slides. Swept by socks and slides. Would you like to know how you recover from that? 

You don't. 

Now sign JT please.