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"The Suga Show" Sean O'Malley Gets His First Taste Of Defeat In....Weird Fashion

Marlon "Chito" Vera just put an end to Sean O'Malley's undefeated streak in the co-main event of UFC 252, and unfortunately, it definitely didn't wind up being the fight (or finish) anybody wanted to see. 

You could tell super early on that Sean's leg was entirely compromised - he could barely even walk on it - and once the fight hit the canvas, it didn't take much for Herb Dean to step in and call. I think he could tell that O'Malley was injured, and just didn't want him to sustain any more unnecessary damage. It was a good call in my opinion.

I don't think this loss hurts Suga too much at all - it's not like he just got embarrassed or "exposed" in any way, he just got hurt and then awkwardly stopped. I don't even know when the injury happened! Mighta been a freak accident on one of his own combos for all we know! He was stretchered off past us post-fight and immediately started fidgeting with his ankle wraps, which makes me think the injury may be low, but I don't know. I'm no doctor.