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Soccer Player Scores A Goal And Celebrates By Jumping Into A Giant Hole And Disappearing


Yeah!  Yeah!  I scored a goal !  What to do now?  I guess I’ll just jump over this advertisement and greet the crowd annnnnnnnnd I’m dead!  It’s not the worst goal celebration I’ve ever seen.  Most soccer players hug and kiss and aggressively grab the back of each other’s necks after they score, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s old hat.  Gotta keep the celebrations fresh and that’s what this guy did.  Jumped directly into a giant hole.  Why is there a giant hole just off the side of the field?  Seems like a dangerous spot to put a hole.  You never know when a player is going to jump into it.  The best part of the video is the guy who sees what’s unfolding in front of him before everybody else does and tries to stop the player from jumping.  Too late.


PS- The most boss thing would’ve been if the hole led to the locker room and he just never appeared on the field again.  Score and walk off.