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Recruiting Analyst Had No Idea How To Work IG Live For 5-Star Kennedy Chandler's Commitment And Ja Morant Lost His Mind In The Comments

I can't stop laughing at how absurd this is. I know this is a peak 'okay, boomer' talk here, but this is all about Ja Morant. The man went from trying to help Paul Biancardi to just coming up with conspiracy theories that other programs were hijacking the video. He then finally just tried to get Kennedy Chandler to announce his decision himself. Poor Biancardi too. The man has no idea how to work IG Live. Look at him. Why would a guy in his 50s have any idea how to work that? That's on ESPN for putting him in that situation. You gotta set that shit up for him before hand and just let him talk. He's not an IT guy. 

I'm not going to talk too much about Kennedy Chandler, Big T has a blog in the works with him going to Tennessee. Maybe he'll get Tennessee to their second Elite Eight in program history (unlikely). But I'm sure Tennessee fans are excited. What else do they have going for them? They failed miserably with their highest expectations a couple years ago. Their football team stinks no matter how delusional their fans are. Good for them though. They are as successful as Paul Biancardi is at Instagram. 

Ja Morant is the best though. Can't wait for him to make fun of Marty on Twitter again.