Video: Cam Newton Just Casually Bringing His One-Handed Catch Skills to Patriots Practice

Remember about a month ago when Cam Newton sat down with Odell Beckham Jr, Victor Cruz and Todd Gurley, called himself "a ticked off dog" and said, "Coach McDaniels, you're able to call some stuff that you ain't ever been able to call now"? 

Yeah, well. McDaniels likes to call a lot of things. Some of them work:

And some of them don't. (Note: I refuse to post the video on moral grounds, but here it is, for you sado-masochists)

Now, by no means am I suggesting that the ability to one-hand catch a football is a quarterback's most important skill. Or even in the Top 99. But it's not nothing. No matter how much joy I get out of mocking QB Hand Measuring Season, they don't quantify how big your mitts are for nothing. Someone thinks it's a priority. 

So this is just one of the things Newton was alluding to when he talked about the "elephant in the room," the quarterback he was brought in to replace. And one-handers are his speciality:

How you utilize the ability of a QB to snatch The Duke out of the air like a Nerf ball, I have no idea. I just know it's something Josh McDaniels has never had to work with before and no coordinator in the league is better at finding unique and creative ways to take full advantage of someone's physical skills. Newton's one-hand superpower will positively be worked into the Pats offense somehow, some way. 

At least until the NFL bans it.