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Damian Lillard Erupted For 61 Points And The Blazers Are In Business

Hey Skip, how does Damian Lillard's ass taste? Was that good enough for you to consider "Dame Time" you idiot. Back to back 50+ point efforts, a huge 22 points in the fourth quarter to end up with 61 on the night, and huge three after huge three down the stretch that should surprise exactly zero people. This is what Dame does, he has shown you on multiple occasions in the biggest moments. I'm not sure there is a more terrifying player in the bubble right now when they are in the zone like we saw from Lillard tonight. I can only imagine what that feels like. The best part is, these deep threes aren't prayers either. Paul George got salty and called these bad shots, but this is Dame's range. 

It cannot be understated how massive of a win this was for the Blazers. They had to have it to help keep their playoff hopes alive and they now are owners of the 8th spot in the West. That's huge because if they can hold onto it they'll have to be beaten twice in order to miss out on the playoffs. The Dame/LeBron series is a very real possibility.

But seriously, Dame went supernova in this game and really has been insane all bubble. He said he wasn't going to waste his time in Orlando and he has nearly carried this team into the postseason. What a run.