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It Should Be A Rule That Boban Is Mic'd Up For The Rest Of The Season

Is there any NBA player that consistently delivers like Boban? In a league where Giannis scores more points than minutes played every night, Luka does something magical with ease, Dame drops 50+, the list goes on and on, I'm still going to say no. Name me a time Boban ever disappointed you? Well maybe if you were a Sixers fan that one playoff series was tough but I don't really care about that. Every time you see Boban in front of a camera or give him a mic the man delivers.

So you bet your ass I enjoyed a minute video of Boban being mic'd up and it made me wonder why is it not a league rule that he needs to be mic'd at all times? Where is the downside in that? Boban rules and has ruled for a long time. I can't think of another player in the entire league I would want to hear mic'd up more than him. The thing is, he's more than just a soundbite too! When he gets his opportunity and his conditioning isn't terrible, Boban is a force. Take last night for example

So please, someone get this blog in front of whoever decides what players get mic'd for each game and let's get a guarantee that Boban will be mic'd up from here on out. Seeding games, playoff series, all of it. If you disagree with that then you simply have a big old dump in your pants.

Now, I also know the rules when it comes to blogging Boban. As awesome and as entertaining as he is, you can't talk about him without reminding the world of Mrs. Boban (Milica Marjanovic)

Fuckin Boban man, what a legend.