German Soccer Team Unveils A Pink Jersey After A Fan Complaining About A Mosque Design Dares The Team To Change The Uniform Color Pink

This is the perfect response. What did this fan think was going to happen? Oh you complain about a mosque on the design and yep they'll change it out. Nope, they are going to fuck with you because your opinion doesn't matter. I wish more teams, people, companies, etc did this. Oh what are you gonna do change the jersey to pink? 

FC Cologne: 

That's actually a fire jersey too. Call me crazy, but I like the pink. It pops, err pups. Hell, you can hardly even see the mosque design. They had to point it out to someone else 

Good for Cologne. If they want a mosque design, they can put that design on their jersey. If they want to wear pink, they get to wear pink. This is just the sports version of the 'what are you going to do stab me?' And yes I get this isn't 'official' … yet. But if you don't think they wear pink at least once, you're a liar.