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Devin Booker's Monday: Drop 35 Points, Keep The Suns Miracle Playoff Hopes Alive And A Heat Check With Kendall Jenner On Instagram

You can talk all the TJ Warren stuff you want, he's been unreal. But no one has been more impressive for me than Devin Booker in the bubble. Look at what he's doing with the Suns. They literally haven't lost. He's dropped 27, 30, 35, 20, 35 and 35 in the 6 games. Look at those numbers again. That's fucking unreal. Oh he also did this to beat the Clippers: 

Silly me thinking this would be the biggest heat check we'd see Book pull today: 

And now he's letting everyone know that he's with Kendall Jenner - which is just going to keep the Kardashian Curse alive, but really we need to put an asterisk for the Jenner's. Granted, they have been rumored together during quarantine: 

And at the time of me typing this blog the Suns are tied for 10th and have a better winning percentage than the Spurs. They are a .5 game behind the Blazers for the 9th spot. They are in a prime spot to close out and make the play-in series. That's unreal. The Suns! People were just legit not talking about them before this 6-0 run in the bubble and it's all due to Booker's play. He's been the star of the bubble.

He also gets to go home eventually to this: