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Steph Curry's Brand Is Apparently Launching With the Most Boring Shoe of All-Time

Under Armour lucked out many years ago from a failed Nike pitch meeting with Steph Curry that ended with Curry choosing to go with UA as his shoe company. And all these years later, Curry has made such waves in the sports world that he's apparently getting not just his own shoe line, but his own brand from Under Armour.

This is such a great opportunity for UA to give an offshoot of its brand to one of the most popular athletes in the world and create some awesome stuff that will make everybody some money, right? Well, not if those renderings of what is supposedly Curry's first shoe released under the new brand are accurate.

Who gave the green light to create a glorified Payless basketball shoe as the first thing launched under the new brand of arguably the most popular player in the NBA? Kids go crazy for Curry and will jump at the chance to buy just about anything under his name and that's what Under Armour came up with?

The only other player to ever have his own brand like this is Michael F'ing Jordan and the first shoe his company came out with is still iconic all these years later. I'll be able to find Curry's shoe at Ross in two months.

And this is so perplexing because several of the shoes Steph has released with UA already are pretty nice — I'm still looking to purchase the Sour Patch Curry 1s in a 17 if anybody ever finds a pair. But this is decidedly not it.